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About Me

I have always been a go-getter. When I created my property management business many, many years ago women started to take notice. Soon came the questions on how I did what I did. I realized then I could coach women entrepreneurs to live a lifestyle business (a business on their own terms). I built up my property management company and coached women for my side hustle. Recently, I passed on my property management business to my daughter so she could be home with her young children so I can concentrate on Women Empowering Women; connecting, educating and empowering women in business.

About Women Empowering Women

Women Empowering Women, LLC is about connecting, supporting and empowering women entrepreneurs. We provide a variety of online and local workshops, networking events, business services, masterminds and so much more. We are working on building a community of like-minded women. We have two business structures here at WEW.  Women Empowering Women @ Work and Women Empowering Women Association.  Each was created to educate, support, inspire, motivate, and empower women.  Simply put we are looking to help others "start a revolution from within" and a movement together.

Women Empowering Women @ Work

Women Empowering Women @ Work is where we provide our services to entrepreneurs and small businesses.  20% of all money earned from our services is donated to Women Empowering Women Association, our nonprofit.
All the programs and services provided are through myself and my team.

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