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CN Women's Conference Report

You’ll feel even more empowered after a visit to a great Women’s conference. Check them out here.

Kudos For Women Nation's Initiatives

“When I heard about the Women Nation, I knew right away that it was a match for my company. Women struggle so much today! It seems like for every step forward they take, there’s a reason for them to take 2 steps back. Maybe it’s pressure, or family commitments, or spousal arguments. Maybe it’s politics that sow the seeds of doubt. It doesn’t matter. Women Nation is becoming a safe place for me to visit in those dark times, where I can see the great things other women are doing. It’ll keep me going throughout the day!”

–Kim Bramley, Branig Capital Markets

Media Inquiries


We’re looking for women to join a podcast relative to their field of expertise. If you have something to offer women-owned business owners, please let us know. Email hello@womennation.com.

Charitable Initiatives

The Women Nation is devoted to giving back and moving special initiatives forward. If your organization specifically targets women business owners, especially in under served communities, we want to promote your great work. Contact hello@womennation.com

Media Requests

Kim is available for opinion piece writing, speaking engagements, and brand promotion. If your brand could use a piece from a strong, accomplished professional female, let Kim know. hello@womennation.com

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