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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a nonprofit?

Not at this time. We studied many nonprofit associations in this space, and while we understand the great value that an association can provide, we’re not interested in providing lobbying efforts.

Who is the organization for?

We’ve met thousands of women professionals at countless conferences across the United States, and we’ve heard time and again that the only way women will gain economic power in the United States is if we work with each other’s businesses. It’s very hard to search women-owned businesses on search engines, however, so we’re building a platform for you to find businesses owned by women.

What do I get when I join?

Once we sign up the first 100 businesses, we’ll have enough data to go live with our directory. With your help, we can achieve that in less than 30 days. We’ll use feedback from those first 100 businesses to build out the rest of the platform. Each business will have a full page on our site and will describe what they do. We’ll list by category and location first and then add keyword filters for wider exposure. What will be important is for those businesses to come back to us and update their listing as they add large customer accounts, grow their staff, and provide additional services. Customer testimonials are important as well!

Can you connect me with a mentor?

Mentorship is incredibly important! We’ve already made high-level connections with multi-million dollar organizations that serve women or promote women’s initiatives in a large corporation. But mentorship doesn’t only need to come from women who have broken into the c-suite. Many of us small business owners have rich advice and encouragement to share with this audience. Women Nation will facilitate podcasts, webinars, and the like in order to connect our members with each other to discuss the problems we’re all facing in the business world.

Can men join?

We want to hear from men who are fully supportive of women’s initiatives. Men can’t join as business owners unless they have a female business partner, but we’ll welcome them as members. Men can participate in the podcasts and webinars and can attend our future conferences, and can serve as mentors.

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