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  • Manisha Patel

    With a flair for photography, to creating stunning websites, Manisha represents DSHG Sonic: a small business marketing and technology partner. Ask her for help upgrading your own website, enhance your social media outreach and eventually grow your sales

  • Jack and Miriam Simony

    Looking for help with negotiation training? The WIN Summit will help you learn proven skills and tactics for greater gains.

  • Margie Bowen

    There's much to see here! So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about my website design business. I hope you enjoy my page and take a moment to drop me a line.

  • Pamela Vitale

    XYEYE has a history of developing brands (startup & established), identities and multimedia for a broad range of consumer products and original programing. Once engaged, XYEYE is in position to provide dynamic and cutting-edge media strategies appropriate to your brand or projects mission.