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Women in Education

  • Dana Bartone

    Beautiful wedding hair and makeup begins with an elite team of stylists. If you want to look your very best at your wedding, ask Dana how her team can make magic happen for you.

  • Jacqueline (Jacque) Kane

    A professional changemaker, Jacque helps business owners and employees solve many money struggles through a program called "Ignite Your Goals For 2018."

  • Susan Powers

    Susan has been a Sandler Sales Management coach for over a decade, and has helped hundreds of people achieve high levels of sales success.

  • Jack and Miriam Simony

    Looking for help with negotiation training? The WIN Summit will help you learn proven skills and tactics for greater gains.

  • Stephanie LaBonte

    Empowered Girls Rise’s mission is to nurture self-respect, confidence, and purpose in girls ages 13-25 through education, mentorship, and community

  • Doreen Dilger

    I have always been a go-getter. When I created my property management business many, many years ago women started to take notice. Soon came the questions on how I did what I did. I realized then I could coach women entrepreneurs to live a lifestyle business (a business on their own terms).