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  • Kristin Davis

    Ask Kristin about weddings. Her business is handcrafted wedding veils, but she is an expert in wedding planning as well.

  • Maria Savio

    We all want fewer toxic chemicals in our home and beauty products, and Maria is a rep for Pure Haven Essentials, which guarantees that their products are nontoxic.

  • Qutie's Body Bar

    Qutie's Body Bar offers handmade body butters, soaps, and scrubs that are homemade with healthy oils and natural ingredients.

  • Michelle Spezzano

    Be delighted in this unique store in the Oakville section of Watertown, CT. Browse hand painted signs and reconditioned furniture in a comfortable atmosphere.

  • Crista Grasso

    Crista has been designing jewelry for as long as she can remember. Always fascinated by vintage jewelry and the treasures she would find while flea-marketing with her Dad or rummaging through her mother’s jewelry box, she continually finds inspiration through her love of travel, fine art, antique markets, ancient architecture, and vintage jewelry and textiles.

  • Jennifer DelGrande

    What began as a fun pastime turned into a part time passion. Jen has been creating fun designs with large-knit scarves for the past several years and is finally ready to go to market with them! Follow her story as she branches out in NYC and beyond with the help of Women Nation.

  • Michelle Spezzano

    To this day, It Works!’ first product is still its most popular: The Ultimate Body Applicator. The site-specific body contouring treatment has been in the hands of celebrities at Hollywood events and at the doorsteps of people like you all over the world—exclusively available through It Works! Global.

  • Deana Osborne

    Now is the time for me to bring my jewelry to the world. If you've ever found sea glass while walking on the beach, you know the special feeling you have for it when you see it in your home years later. You can reproduce that emotion more frequently by wearing it!

  • Robyn Senior

    Robyn is a life long resident of Connecticut. She is a seamstress in her community and is known for her high fashion and exquisite Jewelry.

  • Lisa Reck

    I am a self taught seamstress. I have a huge passion for fabric of all kinds. I absolutely love sewing and creating and most importantly making someone smile and feel good.

  • Melissa Crescenzi

    I have been designing and making gel candles for the last 8 years.