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Women in Coaching And Guidance

  • Anne Vitali

    If you're looking to improve your health through exercise, or if you are interested in learning about owning a fitness studio, contact Anne with your questions.

  • Dana Bartone

    Beautiful wedding hair and makeup begins with an elite team of stylists. If you want to look your very best at your wedding, ask Dana how her team can make magic happen for you.

  • Jacqueline (Jacque) Kane

    A professional changemaker, Jacque helps business owners and employees solve many money struggles through a program called "Ignite Your Goals For 2018."

  • Gina Ledwith

    Feeling low on energy? Looking for help planning healthy meals? Speak with Gina, a lifestyle coach from Guilford, CT.

  • Susan Powers

    Susan has been a Sandler Sales Management coach for over a decade, and has helped hundreds of people achieve high levels of sales success.

  • Jack and Miriam Simony

    Looking for help with negotiation training? The WIN Summit will help you learn proven skills and tactics for greater gains.

  • Jennifer Cassetta

    Jennifer cares deeply about the safety of girls and women and is taking a stand against violence. Her goal is to help women cultivate confidence, strength and resilience.

  • Amy Grey

    Amy Grey is a Radio Morning Show Personality at Radio 104.1 WMRQ, an Alternative Rock Station in Hartford Connecticut. You can also hear her in Southeastern CT on US 99.5 Country and Softrock 106.5 WBMW. Grey decided 7 years ago to utilize her voice even more and kick start her own Voice Over business, SassyBones Productions. Grey then built a Home Based Studio so she could work at home and around the clock!

  • Margie Bowen

    There's much to see here! So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about my website design business. I hope you enjoy my page and take a moment to drop me a line.

  • Pamela Vitale

    XYEYE has a history of developing brands (startup & established), identities and multimedia for a broad range of consumer products and original programing. Once engaged, XYEYE is in position to provide dynamic and cutting-edge media strategies appropriate to your brand or projects mission.

  • Stephanie LaBonte

    Empowered Girls Rise’s mission is to nurture self-respect, confidence, and purpose in girls ages 13-25 through education, mentorship, and community

  • Samary Polnett

    Originally, Beauty is You was started with the intention of promoting self-love and positive body image among young women in Connecticut. It has evolved to be a little more than that!

  • Doreen Dilger

    I have always been a go-getter. When I created my property management business many, many years ago women started to take notice. Soon came the questions on how I did what I did. I realized then I could coach women entrepreneurs to live a lifestyle business (a business on their own terms).

  • Cindy Whitney Clark

    Transformational Life/Health/Wellness Coaching with Cindy Clark is in the business of helping individuals find their vision and passion. I help you create the life you desire and deserve. For business owners and leaders, I help design and create your life and your business. We come to you with 25+ years of experience specializing in guiding people to what's important to them, how to achieve their desired results and live the life they are destined to live.